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Specializing in cash management solutions for cannabis and high-risk industries.

At Cannabis Cash Consultants, one of our core competencies is the physical movement of cash. We help retailers navigate the complexities and risks of handling cash.
Specializing In

Cash Management Solutions for Dispensaries

Our team focuses on creating a fluid cash ecosystem to optimize the use of cash and achieve total control of the cash process.

Cannabis Network

An established network of resources that gives dispensary owners access to grow and operate a profitable and compliant business.

Cash Handling and Logistics

Our solutions provide end-to-end visibility of all physical cash touchpoints, which help reduce the cost and risks associated with the movement of cash.

SOP Development and Training

Develop safe and efficient cash handling protocols. Standardize processes, automate systems, implement best practices and provide system training.

Meet The Founder

Jennifer Makris, MBA, brings over twenty years of experience in sales, transportation logistics, and consulting. Over the last decade, she has specialized in secure cash management solutions for banks, credit unions, traditional retail, and high-risk industries.

She has built a network that supports each touchpoint in the cannabis cash ecosystem; banking, transportation, automation, technology, training, and more. Cannabis Cash Consultants educates customers on the importance of optimizing the cash life cycle, creating FOH and BOH efficiency that drive security and profitability.

Jennifer understands there is a need for more information and a better understanding of how the cannabis cash process works. Her experience coupled with her unique ability to connect people and resources, are the cornerstones of what Cannabis Cash Consultants was built on.

Jennifer Makris, MBA
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What We Do

Our team specializes in secure cash handling practices and deploying efficient cash strategies. Cannabis Cash Consultants is experienced in helping dispensaries reduce the risks associated with cash, decrease the cost of cash, and minimize employee theft.

Our customers experience operational efficiencies and improved cash position, all while saving time and money. 

Our Process

Understanding Our Process and Solutions

As we know, banking in the Cannabis Industry brings its own set of challenges. Our process begins with the sourcing of operational cash. We develop and implement cash-handling procedures that optimize the use of cash.

Book a session now to get an assessment of your cannabis cash needs.
This session provides insight on the multiple touch-points in the cash process, and how to identify best practices for proper cash management.

Questions to Ask:

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Whether you’re planning to open a dispensary or cultivation facility, or are already in operation, knowing the risks your businesses face is essential. Get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check the common questions below.‬

  • CCA has a network of trusted financial institutions that have been successfully banking cannabis customers for years.
  • Our partnerships have been established on the foundation of operational integrity, experience, and trust.
  • Are you thinking about just putting it in your personal vehicle?
  • CCA has partnerships with transportation providers that offer secure and discrete cash in transit services.
CCA’s team will assess all your cash needs; from cash vault setup, security, process flow, hardware, and placement. Our solutions are designed to reduce the exposure of cash, keep budtenders, staff and customers safe, and deter theft.
If you don’t see what you are looking for and still have a question, Contact us at 1-833-343-CASH(2274).‬

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